Jimmy Turner, The Hillbilly Grahamcrackers


“CRS is doing something really interesting and they’re doing it well. Mike is, first, a gifted musician and songwriter, but also a dedicated professional in the studio with a great ear and lots of production and recording experience. He also has the key trait of being a good guy. Working with him is enjoyable and easy-going and productive. As producer, he’s full of challenging ideas and he’ll push you - and of course he can contribute by being able to play just about anything - but it never feels like it's an ego trip. He’s all about figuring out what you want and what’s best for the song and for the project as a whole. He creates a really comfortable creative environment. That’s part of the "Family Style Approach” that goes beyond the work you’re doing in the studio. Karen & Mike make you feel at ease in a genuine, unforced way with home-cooked meals and a relaxed rural vibe. If that kind of thing matters to you - and it sure did with us - CRS is a great place to make a record.”

Paul Baker, The Tyler Thompson Trio


I am working on a music recording project and after looking around at recording studios. I landed on CRS. I couldn’t be happier. Mike and Karen were more than accommodating. They were very flexible and catered to my odd schedule.  The time and effort they put in was far beyond what I would ever expect a recording engineer to dedicate to a project.  The quality of his recordings/engineering was impeccable and Mike was able to communicate in a manner that helped us to understand what was needed to put our masterpiece on “tape”.  They are very creative and will even offer advise if asked for.  I would recommend CRS wholeheartedly and consider them family. Thank you so much!! You are truly amazing!

James Erik Stark


My family has recently suffered a tragic loss. I felt the need to record a few songs to help in my own healing process. I arranged for some of my dear friends to convene at my house in order to help fulfill my need. I then contacted Michael at CRS. Without hesitation, he availed himself.   So, yesterday as according to plans, Michael and Artie showed up at my house. Artie went about assembling a professional recording studio in my home. I attempted to assist but Artie simply gave me a simple “I have this under control”.
My friends showed up and within minutes we were on a musical journey being carefully captured by Michael and Artie.
I am awestruck by their kindness and capabilities. The results are far beyond my expectations!!! I offer my heartfelt thank you CRS! It really meant a great deal to me having your assistance!!!